A flight on a small aircraft from Stapleford to the mouth of the Thames.


Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II, registration G-SACI.


18 August 2019

Schedule and Route

12:00 Final flight confirmation (weather check).

14:00 The group meets at my home (Canada Water tube station).

14:30 Drive to the airfield.

15:30 Coffee break and briefing at Stapleford Aerodrome.

16:00 Take off. Fly to Dartfort Crossing to see the bridge, continue on the south bank of Thames to Maidstone, back to Thames, fly overhead Southend-on-the-Sea airport, return to Stapleford. Overall time in the air is expected to be no more than 1.5 hours.

18:00 Land at Stapleford Aerodrome, debriefing, drive home.

Passengers and Cost

Overall cost of the flight should be around £240 (aircraft, landing fees and fuel included). We may take maximum 4 people on board, total weight no more than 300kg.

Persons on boardCost per person
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