An aviation expedition to Western Europe on a small aircraft.


Piper PA-28 Warrior, registration G-FLAV.


7-22 May 2022


The route and the schedule are hard to predict due to weather and other conditions. An approximate and very optimistic plan is below. Dates specified are the earliest possible and, most probably, will be shifted to later ones. Some legs would probably be dropped to return the aircraft on time. At least one landing in every country (UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Guernsey) is desired. A reserve day will hopefully cover some delays.


Sat7 May 2022Drive from London (UK) to Leeds (UK)Leeds (UK)
1Sun8 May 2022Check-out at Bagby Airfield (UK), familiarisation flight, Bagby Airfield (UK)Norwich Airport (UK)Norwich (UK)
2Mon9 May 2022Norwich Airport (UK)Southend Airport (UK), night circuitsSouthend-on-Sea (UK)
3Tue10 May 2022Southend Airport (UK)Ostend Airport (Belgium)Bruges (Belgium)
4Wed11 May 2022Ostend Airport (Belgium)Rotterdam The Hague Airport (Netherlands)Delft (Netherlands)
5Thu12 May 2022Rotterdam The Hague Airport (Netherlands)Münster Osnabrück Airport (Germany)Münster (Germany)
6Fri13 May 2022Münster Osnabrück Airport (Germany)Mannheim City Airport (Germany)Heidelberg (Germany)
7Sat14 May 2022Mannheim City Airport (Germany)Luxembourg Airport (Luxembourg)Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)
8Sun15 May 2022Luxembourg Airport (Luxembourg)Albert Picardie Airport (France)Amiens (France)
9Mon16 May 2022Albert Picardie Airport (France) – Caen Airport (France)Caen (France)
10Tue17 May 2022Caen Airport (France)Alderney Airport (Channel Islands)Saint Anne (Alderney, Channel Islands)
11Wed18 May 2022Alderney Airport (Channel Islands)Bournemouth Airport (UK)Bournemouth (UK)
12Thu19 May 2022Bournemouth Airport (UK)Birmingham Airport (UK)Birmingham (UK)
13Fri20 May 2022Birmingham Airport (UK) – Bagby Airfield (UK), check-in at Bagby Airfield (UK)Sheffield (UK)

Sat21 May 2022Reserve day

Sun22 May 2022Drive from Sheffield (UK) to London (UK)

SkyDemon route (not really a route, just an approximation) is available to download here.

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